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\ January 17, 2014

This week we congratulate Mizzen+Main on the successful close of their $1.2M funding round. Their cutting-edge clothing line captured the attention of a wide range of investors, and their clothing is now sold internationally.

Mizzen+Main designs, manufactures, markets, and sells quality apparel that uses high-performance fabrics in new, innovative ways. Their high-quality dress apparel combines style and fit with comfort and function.

The brand has been covered equally by fashion and business focused publications, including Modern Luxury, Thrillist, The Wall Street Journal, and MSNBC, who praised their innovative approach to business as well as the quality of their clothes.

Mizzen+Main’s business model caught the eye of a wide variety of investors — raising $1.2M both on and offline. They’ve tossed aside the traditional brick and mortar retail model and are bringing styles to market quickly through e-commerce, selling direct to their customers in over 36 states and 6 countries. They’ve also built in a philanthropic branch of the company, donating a percentage of shirt sales to wounded veterans and their families.

The Mizzen+Main team will be using funds raised to expand their current product line to include blazers, henleys, t-shirts, and a variety of unique women’s apparel — all proudly made in America.

Sonal on October 20, 2014

I was sort of surprised when Kickstarter exlopded when it did. I didn't think strangers would offer their money so quickly and with no strings attached (well, a few attached) as they did to Kickstarter applicants. I wonder how long these trends will continue. I can see the support fading out in the future as I don't anticipate a high success rate for the crowdfunding crew. I've yet to donate anything to Kickstarter nor do I plan on doing so.

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