Meet American Brewing Company- $1 million in Revenue & Growing

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\ January 17, 2014

Creating the perfect batch of craft beer requires a unique combination of scientific knowledge, excellent taste, concentrated passion, and patience.  

Skip Madsen is the artist behind the brews produced at the American Brewing Company. He  has meticulously created more than 200 beers, winning countless awards nationwide.  He takes his craft seriously, and as the lead brewer, he creates beer for a wide variety of tastes and preferences.

American Brewing Company was created to meet the increasing demand for full flavored craft ale- an industry that saw a 15% growth in sales last year.The rising star small-batch brewing company provides high quality, full-flavored, craft beers through their award winning brewery and brewing team. They’ve established a dedicated and growing following and their success lead to a $1 million dollars in top line revenue last year, as well as a Pacific-coast distributorship through Safeway.

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