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\ January 17, 2014

Huddlebot Launches and Makes Collaboration and Meeting Planning a Breeze

Huddlebot is downloadable software that allows users to seamlessly organize their calendars and schedule collaborative meetings through file-sharing platforms such as Dropbox.  Unlike other attempts at solving the scheduling pain, Huddlebot strikes the right balance among efficiency, privacy (no one can read a user’s calendar), and control (a user does not cede control over scheduling – only common availability is disclosed).

Founded by a team frustrated with the inefficiency of meeting planning in their own professional lives, Huddlebot lets users schedule meetings and conference calls without the email ping pong and phone tag, regardless of whether the users are on different calendar platforms or whether they work for different companies

Co-founder Joe Helm spent years organizing meetings as an international tax attorney at KPMG, he knew there had to be a better solution to allow people to collaborate. His team has launched their rewards campaign to fund customer development and are allowing backers to purchase Huddlebot for life at a deeply discounted rate. Their off to a great start- 13% funded and recently featured on CNET’s Download.com

Congrats to GASHIE on reaching 100% of Funding Goal!

Changing the Way People Connect on a Global Level

GASHIE is a communication platform changing the way that people connect across the globe. Founded by Michael Amegashi, who immigrated to the United States from Ghana and learned first-hand the importance of being able to communicate with loved ones around the world.

GASHIE has launched their campaign to perfect their (VoIP) system and provide low-cost local and international calling services to customers across the globe. GASHIE has reached 100% funding with a week remaining in their campaign.

BodBot Continues to See Success- 189% Funded

Bringing a Personal Trainer to Your Phone

Bodbot founders Eddie Laux and Sergio Prado continue to see incredible support for their breakout fitness app, BodBot,  combining a personal trainer, nutritionist, and fitness coach in a single dynamic app for iOS and Android devices.

The team launched their campaign on Fundable to introduce improved features and become a force to be reckoned with in the fitness world- and are currently 189% funded bringing in $37,800 dollars so far. Stay tuned for continued Bodbot success- they have 37 days remaining in their fundraise!

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