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\ January 17, 2014

NanoMersion is a new platform for smart MRI contrast agents, providing more information with each MRI scan. Their first product, 2DG-MNP, targets tumors and allows MRI scans to effectively image and identify cancerous growth. Current MRI technology can show images of various tissues, organs and other structures but often cannot distinguish cancerous growths from healthy tissues. NanoMersion’s technology is smarter, safer, and more effective than what is currently available on the market.

NanoMersion has already had incredible success with the testing and introduction of their initial product. Preclinical testing has shown their technology is safe and effective in cancer imaging with MRI. They have also secured numerous patents that protect the intellectual property of their technologies both in the US and internationally.

With nearly $4 million in non-diluted funding raised, NanoMersion has engaged with several major pharmaceutical companies, including GE and Eli Lilly.

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