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\ January 17, 2014

This week we feature Novi, a simple, affordable home security system that has been praised by the press as ingenious. Novi is currently 93% funded.

Novi is the world’s simplest and most accessible security system, giving everyone an affordable and powerful tool to monitor and protect their home.

The Novi home security system is made up of 3 parts that work together seamlessly — the Novi Sensor, the Novi Base Station and the Novi App, accessible anywhere via smartphone. The system can be self-installed in minutes and is the most affordable option on the market today.

Novi has been featured in outlets like Forbes, Mashable, and Google’s Next, and the team was selected to participate in the prestigious Microsoft Ventures Accelerator. In just a few weeks, the Novi team brought in over $175,000 in pre-orders and has gone on to raise $465,000 in funding to date.

Novi is looking to ramp up production and begin international distribution in the coming months.

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