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\ January 17, 2014

New Valence Robotics Democratizing 3D Printing

New Valence Robotics (NVBOTS) is the creator of the world’s first fully automated, cloud-connected 3D printer. Their user-friendly technology makes 3D printing accessible and affordable for mainstream users everywhere, from factories and offices to STEM programs and schools.

NVBOTS has already created 6 generations of their NVPrinter, each more efficient and effective than the last. After launching a successful pilot program in 3 schools last year, NVBOTS printers have already logged over 5,000 hours of print time and more than 1,000 successful print jobs.

Created by a team of MIT-trained engineers, NVBOTS has filed patents covering all of their hardware innovations. The team also recently partnered with FIRST Robotics, a national organization fostering science, technology and engineering in over 20,000 schools nationwide. Having already raised $850,000, the team is working to increase their inventory and market presence

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