On Tap at Fundable – Breweries Nationwide Find Funding

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\ January 17, 2014

Breweries across the country are finding success on the Fundable platform. Last year alone, the craft brewing industry grew 15%, so it’s no surprise that backers and investors are flocking to support new and innovative breweries on the rise.

Grape Vine Craft Brewery

Grape Vine Craft Brewery has gathered an entire community around their mission to serve Texas beer made with Texas pride. Bringing in $22,225 of pledges in just 6 days.

World of Beer (Midwest)

New Tap Development LLC is adding to their existing portfolio of award-winning bars, they’re on track to open 16 locations within the next 36 months.

American Brewing Company (Washington, West Coast)

This award winning brewing company brought in $1 million dollars in top line revenue last year, and secured a Pacific-coast distributorship through Safeway.

Big Chicago Brewing Company (Chicago,  Midwest)

This team of brewing engineers have used their decades of experience to launch the first contract-only craft and private label brewer in the Midwest.



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