Parke New York Re-Designs Denim, Lands 90k of Pre-Orders in 30 Days

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\ January 17, 2014

Parke New York is a new brand of denim using technologically advanced materials and US-based manufacturing. Created by Startup veteran Solomon Liou, Parke combines premium fabrics and artisanal craftsmanship to provide the perfect fitting jeans.

The unique line has already become a fast hit with consumers. Solomon launched a rewards campaign taking in $90,000 in pre-orders in 30 days.  After this initial success, Parke New York has now joined Fundable to further expand manufacturing and distribution capabilities, and bring Parke to consumers across the country.

Delivering Quality Through Vertical Integration

According to Solomon a key strategy is “to sell things effectively online ourselves and bypass traditional retailers. I think that the next Ralph Lauren of the world is going to look really different from what it is today. It’s going to be online first.”

By selling directly to consumers online, he can ensure the quality of the product and offer prices that are 50% less than traditional brands, creating a huge competitive advantage.

The Buzz

Hailed as a revolutionary new brand in outlets like ABC News, Esquire, and Refinery 29, Parke New York is slated to revolutionize the way jeans are produced and sold.

You can check out Parke New York’s Fundable Profile Here

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