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\ January 17, 2014

Publet is a content creator for busy businesses. Publet generates interactive B2B content (sales, marketing, and research materials) as HTML5–without hiring developers, allowing clients to multiply their audience reach, engagement time, and number of leads by as much as 200%. They also provide analytics to identify high-performing content and distribution channels, and show what drives sales.

The Publet team has begun beta testing with companies including Dell, Ogilvy, and Orange Telecom, and are scheduled to begin pilot programs with even more, including Deloitte and GE. They are currently earning $61,500 in annual recurring revenue from their 7 beta customers.

To date, Publet has raised over $250,000 from notable investors ike Thomas Korte, AngelPad, Alan Braverman, TopFloor Capital, CLI Ventures, Robbie Schingler, and Prashant Samant. They are working to build out their product more and secure additional clients.

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