U Posted by Laura Moller
\ January 17, 2014

SayAh is an online patient review system dedicated to helping physicians and other medical care providers proactively build and maintain their online reputation, while providing them with valuable patient feedback at the same time.

SayAh’s Reputation Management Software (RMS) is fully developed, with alpha and beta testing completed successfully. The company has a partnership with the Physicians’ Alliance of America as well as a care company that has over 80,000 physicians aligned for a launch this fall.

SayAh also recently obtained approval from a large HealthCare Organization to provide reputation management for their 50 walk-in clinics as well as a 35,000 physician GPO.

Since the end of April, the SayAh team has raised $375,000. They are looking for additional strategic investors to build new features and increase their footprint nationwide.

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