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\ January 17, 2014

SPRiZZi has launched a line of sleek beverage appliances that make enjoying a wide range of cold delicious drinks an affordable in-home reality. The team at SPRiZZi created an industry-first feature that allows users to connect the machine directly to a water line, eliminating the need for refilling.

The prototype SPRiZZi device is fully built and tested, and the team has filed 4 patents to protect their revolutionary beverage technology. SPRiZZi has been reviewed and called a “must-have gadget” by publications like Popular Science, Mashable and CNET.

Having previously raised $622,000 through Fundable, SPRiZZi machines will soon be in homes and offices around the world. The SPRiZZi team has begun to expand internationally and has pre-sold 1,200 units of SPRiZZi in Bahrain, with additional orders pending for 5,000 units in Asia, and over 5,000 in Europe and Australia. They are looking for additional strategic investors to increase their global sales and meet production demand.

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