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\ January 17, 2014

Decisive Health Systems is an online communication portal for the healthcare community, dedicated to helping doctors and their patients come together to make better, more efficient, more informed decisions about patient care.

Decisive Health captures patients’ preferences and concerns using a simple survey they can answer on their smartphone or other mobile device. Using a proprietary algorithm, it then integrates clinical evidence that empowers doctors to customize treatment plans for their patients efficiently and effectively. The result: when doctors and patients meet in person, they are already on the same page, with the information they need to make an informed joint decision that matches the patient’s goals.

The Decisive Health system has already been implemented in 30 healthcare organizations, including hospitals and private practices. The response has been overwhelmingly positive: 9 out of 10 physicians say that the Decisive Health platform increases the quality of their consultations.

The team has a provisional patent established to protect their algorithm and graduated from the Blueprint Health accelerator, the premier incubator for U.S. healthcare startups. They also recently won the Big C Competition sponsored by the LIVESTRONG Foundation, beating out more than 750 other healthcare startups in a fierce 5-month competition.

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