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\ January 17, 2014

BabelOn has created a groundbreaking platform with the ability to synthesize and lip-synch any person’s unique voice into any language. The BabelOn solution transcends mere translation, capturing the speaker’s unique vocal tone, timbre, rhythm and emotional intent, all while translating their words into any target language.

Current competitor technology gives 7% of the translation. BabelOn’s patented solution can provide 100% of the intended human communication. With potential applications spanning numerous industries and areas, from video game creators and film studios to advertising agencies and music labels, BabelOn signals the beginning of a new age of communication and connection on a global scale.

BabelOn’s software and hardware are all patent protected. In fact, leading companies including Intel, Samsung, AT&T, Sony, and British Telecom have all cited BabelOn’s patent in their own research and patent applications in this area. The team is currently working to complete their benchtop prototype.

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