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\ January 17, 2014

ViziApps Raises $205K, Lets Anyone Build and Design Custom Apps

ViziApps is a do-it-yourself, no-coding solution for creating enterprise apps. Anyone can now create mobile business apps affordably and quickly, even if they have no knowledge of code or computer engineering. The seasoned team has partnership agreements with Intuit and Salesforce, as well as fortune 500 clients including EMC and SPX, with over 15,000 businesses utilizing the ViziApps platform.

New England angel groups have moved forward to detailed due diligence in order to invest $750,000 in ViziApps in June. With their recent growth, VizApps is looking for bridge funds to expand their sales and marketing bandwidth to maximize revenue and growth this quarter. They have exceeded their original goal of $200,000 and have expanded the round through May 16th to meet additional investor interest.

Starboi on October 20, 2014

derek Actually if you look on these sites they let you know that they are not live quotes. Their on 20 min deayls. They appear live since they update by the second but they are doing this with 20 min old data. Both sites have disclaimers right under their graphs. yahoo (20 min) google(15 min)

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