WigWag Generates 450K in Pre-Orders, Creates Completely Automated Home

U Posted by Steve Gacka
\ January 17, 2014

style=”text-align:left;”>With a surge of devices launching that control and monitor daily activities, there remains a disconnect in managing multiple smart devices and making your automated life easier to manage.Enter WigWag; a simple, user-friendly platform and suite of devices that allow anyone — from the average homeowner to IT professionals — to connect their automated devices to one platform and easily manage their gadgets. WigWag's platform is extensible, allowing developers and advanced users to build new interfaces and support new devices using web standards already familiar to millions of developers.Their innovative technology has captured the attention of thousands of people worldwide, raising over $450,000 in pre-orders and gathering praise from media outlets like Discovery Channel, Connected World, and Electronic Engineering Times.WigWag is looking to expand their development team, launch premium cloud services, and fulfill purchase orders from Amazon, Smarthome, and NewEgg.

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