Zebracard & Duct Tape Marketing: A Case Study

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\ January 17, 2014

When it comes to marketing, John Jantsch is your man. Creator of Duct Tape Marketing and often referred to as Zebracard“the world’s most practical small business expert,” John is frequently at the forefront of ever-evolving marketing strategies and technological tools. John’s vigilance regarding marketing strategies has recently led him to Fundable, and more specifically, Nick Carter of Zebracard.

Zebracard has effectively created an entirely new way to calculate ROI for business cards. Through a barcode or QR code placed upon business cards containing social information (such as a blog URL, Facebook profile, or Twitter handle), Zebracard is able to track not only when business cards are scanned, but what the user then does with that data. Gone are the days of wondering if your business card is merely sitting in someone’s wallet or actually being put to use.

Fascination with Zebracard’s concept paired with an interest in the rapidly expanding crowdfunding industry has inspired John to team up with Nick Carter to produce a mini blog series about marketing and crowdfunding using Zebracard as the series’ case study. John’s first blog post, “Crowdfunding is Marketing Pure and Simple,” debuted successfully on August 29 with hundreds of social shares and likes and can be seen here.

Stay tuned for the rest of John & Nick’s exciting marketing series! In the meantime, check out Zebracard’s Fundable profile and snag some of your own high-tech business cards!

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