U Posted by Laura Moller
\ January 17, 2014

Smart home technology is getting a little bit smarter with Zuli, a company dedicated to creating elegant and accessible approaches to home automation. Their flagship product, the Zuli Smartplug, allows users to control lights and appliances from their smartphone. Drawing on Bluetooth Low Energy and Apple’s new iBeacon technology, Zuli Smartplugs can even automatically adjust lighting and power appliances based on a user’s specific location within their home.

With over $175,000 of Zuli smartplugs pre-ordered in 30 days, the team will be shipping over 3,000 first units this summer. They’ve also filed utility patents to protect their core technology as they finalize relationships with big box distributors. Featured in Wired, TechCrunch, GigaOM and more, the tech community is buzzing about how Zuli is streamlining home automation.

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