How Investors Use Fundable



Anyone can view your Public Profile

Your company profile has two sections. There is Public Profile that can be viewed by anyone and gives an explanation of your company, product, and services.  You are free to promote your company and your product through your public profile, and only allow fundraising information to be made available to those who have registered as Accredited Investors.  

Only Accredited Investors can see your Business Plan Profile

The Business Plan Profile section is locked and only available to Accredited investors that you grant access to. Accredited Investors can also browse companies that are conducting equity raises on the site.

If they are interested in your company after viewing your Public Profile, they can request to see your private Business Plan Profile. For your own privacy, only investors who you grant access to will be able to view your fundraising details.

Investors make commitments directly

Investors can make commitments to your startup through the Fundable website; however, actual cash transactions will take place outside of the Fundable website and will be handled by each company and investor individually. The commitments are simply a way to gather investors interested in your deal.

Only available for Accredited Investors

Until the JOBS Act is fully implemented, only Accredited Investors can participate in equity fundraises. Though there are millions of Accredited Investors, most people have contacts in their own personal networks that qualify as accredited investors. Only self-identified Accredited Investors can request access to your deal terms, documents, and high level business information.

Typical Investment Amounts

This depends on the industry, the investor’s previous investments, and their comfort level regarding risk. The minimum investment amount is $1,000 and there is no maximum.


the platform

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