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Entrepreneurs create over 6 million new businesses each year in the United States, and yet only a fraction receive funding. We’ve set out to change that by creating a business crowdfunding platform that enables companies to raise capital from investors, customers, and friends. Here are the three things that have made Fundable the leading platform for business crowdfunding:

Hands-On Service

Our team takes a very hands-on approach to help companies understand the fundraising process and launch their funding campaigns. From profile creation to marketing, we’re there at each step.

Founder Friendly

Fundable was created by the founders of startups who have collectively raised from dozens of angel investors and venture capitalists. We understand the challenges you face as you create a business, and we’re happy to offer our personal expertise to all clients looking to crowdfund.

We Love What We Do

In our first year Fundable generated over $80 million in funding commitments from investors, customers, and friends. Those numbers are growing exponentially and we couldn’t be happier.

$308 Million in Funding

Meet The Fundable Team

Wil Schroter
Visionary who builds bold startups, happy families, and unbeaten NBA Jam legacies.
Elliot Schneier
Quarterback who leads the offense, loves his family, and appreciates the sanctity of a no-hitter.
Damon Caiazza
Product Guy who loves food, family, and a good pair of lederhosen.
Ryan Rutan
Innovator and global citizen who loves startups, family, and gut busting laughter.
Marissa Poole
People Manager who loves time with her family, devouring books, and performing in professional theater.
Steve Gacka
Builder who loves code & pixels, travels randomly, and enjoys a good gimlet. Be careful not to provoke his inner mean-mugging Grumpy Cat.
Noah Halter
Creative Director who loves horror movies, produces music and wears a mean cardigan.
Ben Obringer
Autodidact and programmer who loves exploring and making music. Aspires to help make learning as easy as possible, travel into space, and work with Kanye West.
Andrea Hidalgo
World Explorer with a passion for tech, community, and vegetarian cooking. Find her perfecting AcroYoga poses at the nearest park.
Kyle Curren
Aaron Fuleki
Technologist , designer, performer, installation artist, amateur blacksmith, Oxford comma enthusiast, armchair revolutionary.
Henderson Lafond
Data Wizard who loves analyzing data, simplifying processes, adventures with her husband and kids and all things Clemson.
Stephanie Newton
Relationship + Data Nerd who loves rainy days, hiking, crossword puzzles and charcuterie.
Alex Chudik
Startups Lover, adrenaline junkie, and undisputed national champion of eating ice cream.
Dr. Ryan Graham
Avid Outdoorsman who loves mountaineering. Also fails miserably at being a chef and wants to grow up to be Iron Man.
Pat Gorman
Startup Fanatic that cherishes the open road and outdoor adventures. Critics say he's too handsome, too clever, and doesn't take company bios seriously.
Jenna Righi
Senior Analyst who likes beaches & flip-flops, fro-yo with sprinkles, and painting.
Mark Moore
Senior Analyst who enjoys golf, hockey, and traveling.
Teran Shaffer
Wine Connoisseur who loves puppies, CrossFit and scouring Pinterest for new recipes.
Matt Chimes
Idea Aficionado who enjoys hedging the stock market, helping startups, and a good iced cookie.
Jordan Reilly
Undercover Tyrannosaurus Rex who lives for design, horsepower, and aggressive style.
Emma McGowan
Literary Genius who spends most of her time writing and reading and wishing she could eat Vietnamese food for every meal.
Keith Liles
Poet Laureate who loves poetry, hikes, wine, and has been known to amaze his neighbors belting out Springsteen tunes.
Kait Estep
Avid Couch Potato who enjoys a good joke, impromptu TV binges, and isn't superstitious—just a little stitious.
Courtney Allard
Astrology Zealot who loves the tingle of a new tattoo. When she's not cuddled up with her pit bull, you can find her at the nearest concert.
Maudie Banta
Fashionista who never stops planning, is a social media guru, and is obsessed with her french bulldog puppy.
Sarah Lee
Food Blogger, cat lover, master of board games, and party planner extraordinaire.
Devon Milkovich
Champion Chai Tea Latte Chugger, HGTV watcher, and Clevelander whose family is overly involved on Facebook.
Ben Sheidlower
Habitual Word Manufacturer and staunch absurdity advocate. Subsists on a strict diet of red wine and bad puns.
Lauren Thompson
Mildly Obsessive Sports Fan, especially when it comes to the Buckeyes. Loves planning and enjoys spending time with friends, family, and her yellow lab Archie.
Kelsey Seacrist
Amateur Photographer with a love for food and sports. She wants to travel the world, but if she had to pick one destination, it would be somewhere near the water.
Amanda Oskam
Diet Coke Enthusiast who loves working with people, exploring the world, and running marathons (hopefully one in every state). Proud winner of the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' Wing Challenge.
Jessica Lilly
Creative Thinker, accidental tennis enthusiast, wife, and mother that enjoys photography and a good glass of wine.
Brandi Pifer
Account Supervisor, bibliophile, foodie, travel lover, OrangeTheory Fitness enthusiast, Buckeye football fan, and dog mom to her pit mix, Ellie. Brought to you by coffee.
Kaitlyn Hall
Writer, runner, and coffee addict obsessed with tacos and babies. Loves spending time with friends and family and adventuring with her husband.

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