Featured Startups: LuLu Blossom & Mom2Mommy

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\ January 17, 2014

Skincare, pediatric advice… and business! Female entrepreneurs are taking the start up scene by storm; in fact, it appears that the next two businesses to be fully funded on Fundable will be female owned and operated.

Several years ago, Racheal Kash sought to change her life for the better. After beginning a raw foods diet, Racheal began to research the effects of chemicals and preservatives on the human body. This inevitably turned into research on various chemicals and additives in beauty products; the newfound knowledge that beauty products often contain unsavory chemicals led Racheal to try her own hand at natural skincare products.

Through the magic of Google, intuition, and hard work, Racheal created her very first product: Orange Peel Chamomile lotion. After fantastic reviews from all who received Racheal’s product, there was only one option – LuLu Blossom, Inc. was born.

Today, LuLu Blossom is sold across the Midwest. Racheal is currently seeking to expand production through a Fundable goal of $3,800.00. At 73% and more than 33 days, LuLu Blossom is well on its way to a department store near you.

In a separate effort to improve the lives of women everywhere, Kelly Harper has produced what many moms have only dreamed of: a website dedicated to providing free physicians’ advice to moms everywhere.

Mom2Mommy.com will provide an open forum wherein moms, regardless of location or medical insurance coverage, can ask questions regarding their children’s health and be provided an answer from a licensed physician in a timely manner. While producing the site, Kelly has made it a priority to keep the website clear of the advertisements that cloud many sites.

This user-friendly vision has a goal of $10,000.00 to increase their marketing budget and recruit more physicians.  Mom2Mommy is expected to become a reality very soon – only 6% of their goal is left with 40 days left on the clock.

These women are just two examples of the fantastic female-owned start ups Fundable has received thus far. For more insight into the culture of crowdfunding as a woman, check out Crowdfunding for the Non-In Crowd, written by Heddi Cundle (yet another of our female entrepreneurs – myTab co.).

Click here for more information on LuLu Blossom, Inc. and here for more information on Mom2Mommy!

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