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\ January 17, 2014

Crowdfunding is an extremely effective marketing tool, especially when paired with a great product to offer as a reward. Compelling products also catch the eye of the media and lead to raving reviews and placements in high profile publications.

Fundable startups have landed top tier product placements in national outlets like US News and CNET, growing their customer base and launching their product to crowdfunding success.

Here are a few recent examples:

Hydros. This startup created sustainable water bottles with a fast-filtering system that’s perfect for commuters, gym goers, and travelers looking to ditch their disposable plastic bottles. Hydros is a hot item for the holidays and currently has samples out for review with outlets such as Inc., Shape, Men's Health, Fitness, Glow, and Gear Culture- to be included in holiday gift and gear guides. You can also read their recent interview in VentureBeat here.

Lulu Blossom. An organic, homemade beauty & skincare line, LuLu Blossom caught the attention of beauty gurus nationwide. LuLu Blossom’s products have been reviewed by the likes of Organic Beauty Talk, MyCity4Her, and Beauty and Fashion Tech. The benefits of great reviews helped this startup get 106% of their funding goal!

How can you land a great product placement? It’s simple – just ask

Unlike interviews or published press releases, garnering product reviews is a very straightforward process.  The key here lies in doing some research into the most relevant bloggers for you and the ones who feature products like yours frequently.

Start with research to determine what media outlets are most suitable to learn about your product. Niche publications are usually a good fit, because you’re sending your pitch to journalists who are very interested in your industry and product. Find the contact information for the blogger or journalist who performs product reviews, and send a short, concise email describing your product and offering a sample for review.

Make sure it’s a good fit

It’s worthwhile to check the traffic a blog receives to see how many unique visitors come to the site, and get an idea for how many eyes will be on your product review. One great free tool to check out unique monthly views is Simply enter a url and learn more about the site’s traffic and activity month by month.

It’s also important to present the product well and explain in detail why it’s different and new. Bloggers love an inside scoop on the next big thing! To make the most of your review opportunities, attach a short fact sheet to your email describing the features and benefits of the product.

Finally, make sure that you’re sending your very best product, packaged beautifully. After all, reviewers are obligated to write honest reviews!

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