Crowdfunding has helped more than a million startups raise over $3.2 Billion, and is revolutionizing the way small businesses find the capital they need to grow. By putting the tools for fundraising success in the hands of entrepreneurs like never before, crowdfunding is on track to surpass $5.1 billion in 2013 and continue to transform the landscape of business finance. And though modern crowdfunding is still in its early stages, a number of factors and successes are positioning it to become a more and more attractive funding approach for small businesses.

Why Did We Write The ‘Crowdfunding Guide’?

The world of crowdfunding is fast-moving and ever-evolving. As an entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming to consider planning and managing a fundraising round on top of the myriad other responsibilities and worries that come with growing a business. We wrote this guide as an easy introduction into crowdfunding—a way to orient entrepreneurs with the sometimes daunting exercise of launching an online campaign and talking to investors. At times, it’s a general overview of the elements of crowdfunding. At other times, it’s a practical step-by-step guide to building your own campaign. If you think crowdfunding might be the right route for your business, this is a great place to start.  

Who is This Guide For?

This guide was written for anyone who’s new to crowdfunding or trying to decide whether it’s the right funding approach for their business. Whether you’re an established small business looking for growth capital, a brand-new startup needing to purchase equipment, or just someone who’s finally ready to make your million-dollar idea a reality, crowdfunding could be the perfect way to tell your story and connect with your supporters. We at Fundable are here to help you decide if crowdfunding is right for your business, and to get you started on the path to successful fundraising.

What Does This Guide Cover?

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